Yukinari Mori (Japanese: (もり) 行成 (ゆきなり) Mori Yukinari) is a college student and a middle blocker in the Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team.

Appearance Edit

He appears to have curly light brown hair and a long face. He has a medium build and is the ideal height for a volleyball player standing just over 6 feet.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about him, but he appears to be a carefree and friendly person. He shows a high level of interest in volleyball, being part of a neighborhood team, and seems to collect videos of volleyball matches. This habit is noted by Ukai, who often has Mori obtain DVDs of Karasuno's opponents for him.

Background Edit

Mori's currently a 3rd year college student at Touhoku University of Commerce.

Plot Edit

Karasuno High Team Formation Arc Edit


The members of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team introduce themselves.

He plays on the Neighborhood Association team against Karasuno in the practice match[1]. Throughout the game, he makes a few comments on the Karasuno players’ skills. The Neighborhood Association wins in the end.

Interhigh ArcEdit

Mori drops by the Karasuno gym to give a DVD of Aobajohsai's matches to Ukai[2]. In return, Ukai tells Mori that he'll be treating him to drinks next time.

Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

Mori is at a bar with Ukai, Takinoue, Shimada, and most likely another member of the neighborhood team when Ukai steps out to take a call[3]. He comes back happily and asks Mori to get him a video of Karasuno's first opponent.

Statistics Edit

Original Statistics
Game Sense

Jumping Reach: 320 cm

Relationships Edit

Keishin UkaiEdit

The two are teammates on the Neighborhood Association Team and would sometimes go out for drinks together. When Ukai became the new coach for Karasuno, Mori was one of the guys he asked to play against Karasuno in the practice match. Mori  would also do favors for Ukai, such as when he went out of his way to bring a DVD to Ukai at Karasuno High at night.

Trivia Edit

  • He's bothered by the old guys from the Neighbourhood Association making him drink booze.

Quotes Edit


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