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Yumeto Nagamatsu (Japanese: 長松 (ながまつ) 夢人 (ゆめと) Nagamatsu Yumeto) is a third-year middle school student from Kousen Academy. After graduating middle school, he attended Shiratorizawa Academy.


He has short, dark hair he keeps styled upward and is very tall for his age; standing at 189cm tall.


Nagamatsu is a friendly but hard working person. Unlike many others, Nagamatsu was not fearful of Ushijima but instead was excited to meet him.


He currently attends Kousen Academy, a middle school located in Miyagi Prefecture.


Nagamatsu is first seen when he attends the First Year Training Camp at Shiratorizawa Academy before the events of the Spring Tournament. Although still in middle school, he was invited to attend the camp and is revealed through Yūshō Sagae and Kai Akakura that he has already been confirmed to be attending Shiratorizawa the following school year.

During the training camp, Nagamatsu is mostly seen participating in practices and matches against the retired Shiratorizawa third-years. He shows great excitement at seeing Ushijima in person. In his excitement to play against Ushijima, he had unintentionally embarrassed Hinata before the first match against the third-years by asking the Karasuno middle blocker to fill water bottles in front of Ushijima and Tendō. During the match, Nagamatsu receives advice from Washijō about not needing to crouch so low when he goes to block as it affects his blocking time.


He was selected to participate in the Miyagi Prefecture First Year Training Camp while he was still in middle school, so it is hinted that he is a skilled blocker.