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Yutaka Obara (Japanese: 小原 (おはら) (ゆたか) Obara Yutaka) is a second year student at Date Tech High. He plays on the boys volleyball team as a wing spiker.


He has a black buzz cut and large, round eyes of a similar color. He is the ideal height for a volleyball player standing a little bit over six feet.

He wears the standard Date Tech High volleyball uniform in dark teal and white. His jersey number during the Interhigh Prelims was 12, and then it changed to 3 after the third-years retired.


Obara seems to be a nice and usually laid-back person. He usually is seen taking part in blocks and also complimenting Aone.


Not much is known about his background.

He's currently a second-year student at Date Tech High School located in Miyagi Prefecture.


Interhigh Arc

Some time into the first set against Karasuno, Obara and Aone notice Hinata jumping and immediately go on high alert. However, they are fooled when Asahi jumps behind Hinata to score instead. At the start of the second set, Obara slams the ball past Kageyama but fails to score nevertheless. In the next rally, Obara congratulates his teammates for their blocks.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Johzenji

When having wrapped up their own match, Obara watches Karasuno’s game against Johzenji with his team. Despite agreeing with Futakuchi criticizing Johzenji’s blocking, he still finds that there is something awkward about their play, as well as their stubbornness. After Sakunami explains that the team practices in 2-on-2 matches, Obara understands that rather than having the mentality to think another teammate will get the ball, they are ready to attack every rally. He also isn’t surprised when seeing two of Johzenji’s players arguing over a missed ball that one of them claimed. When Futakuchi complains about how annoying they look to play, Obata speculates that other schools must think of them the same way of them too.

When seeing Aone defending Hinata, Obara recalls their unusual friendship. Along with Sakunami and Futakuchi, Obara gets surprised when Aone speaks shortly after. During the second set, Obara admits to slightly pitying Terushima for serving out of bounds.

Date Tech vs Aoba Johsai

During the second rally shown from the match, Hanamaki serves and Obara has a hard time receiving the ball. Not long after, Obara thinks to himself how simplistic of a reason Koganegawa had to try a setter dump.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Not far into the match, Obara and Aone use the bunch shift blocking technique to shun Daichi, which impresses Karasuno. After this, Obara and Aone high-five. During the second set, Date Tech sets up a triple block and Obara manages to roof Hinata. Sometime later, he is one of the blockers to predict Tanaka’s cross-shot. In a few rallies after, Obara fails to bump Kinoshita’s serve properly and apologizes. After the match concludes, Obara pushes Futakuchi away from Tanaka to prevent trouble.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Date Tech watches as Karasuno’s match again Kamomedai is about to start and Futakuchi is curious about why they are still watching Karasuno’s matches and Obara taunts him about how he’s curious too[1]. As the match progresses, Obara offers Aone a seat which he would later make fall after stand up in shock. When Kamomedai’s blockers position themselves into a stack block, Obara notices that Kamomedai is switching its entire blocking schemes based on Karasuno’s rotation.

During the start of the second set, Obara finds it interesting how Kamomedai decides to position themselves. Later on, Obara is impressed at Kamomedai’s amazing defense and at how they thought of every little detail to stop Karasuno.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He's very proficient at both receiving[2] and blocking.

Jumping Reach: 323 cm


Date Tech High

Date Tech s2 e15.png

Obara gets along well with his team. He compliments teammates such as Aone for shutting down powerful spikers. He also sympathizes for Koganegawa when the 1st year shouts out his reason for wanting to do a setter dump. He along with his team is usually surprised when Aone speaks.


  • Favorite Food: Teriyaki chicken
  • Current Concern: He feels like he doesn't have too much of a presence compared to the other second-years.
  • His star sign is Sagittarius.
  • He shares a dub voice actor with Jingo Fukiage and Morisuke Yaku.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Yutaka (豊) - Rich
    • Obara (小原) - Small Field/Plain