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Yuzuru Komaki (Japanese: 古牧 (こまき) (ゆずる) Komaki Yuzuru) is a second year student from Kakugawa High. He is the captain of the boys volleyball team and played as the starting setter.


He has neatly kept, light brown hair and wears glasses. His eyes are of a similar color and are framed by thin eyebrows. His appears to tape his fingers during games.


Komaki is a quiet and serious person but is also very supportive of his teammates, especially Hyakuzawa.


He is currently in his second year of high school at Kakugawa High and is the captain and setter on the Boys' Volleyball team.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

As a pre-game pep talk, Komaki tells his team to focus on getting the harsher serves up and despite Karasuno being the team that gave even Aoba Johsai trouble, Kakugawa plays to their strengths would lead them to victory. During the first rally, Komaki notices Hinata doing a tip to get past Hyakuzawa but quickly fails. After this rally ends, Komaki tells Hyakuzawa to pay attention to the ball whenever Hinata moves rather than focusing on the hitter himself. Following this, Komaki sees an upcoming joust for Hyakuzawa but does not worry about it much as he quickly overpowers the other hitter. When Makado confuses to pitying Hinata, Komaki speculates that Karasuno deliberately put him there so that he could attempt to go over Hyakuzawa’s blocks as he did Aone’s, however, the captain finds this to be a miscalculation because, despite Aone being a tall person, he wouldn’t compare to someone as tall as Kakugawa’s goliath.

After listening to Minamida comparing Hyakuzawa to any other ace, Komaki agrees with the libero and concludes the conversation by deeming that passing the ball up to their rookie is their way to win. Sometime later, Komaki performs a setter dump that gets past Hinata. As Karasuno approaches their 24th point, Komaki tells his team to get two more so that they could catch up. In the next rally, Komaki performs a quick set with Makado.

Kakugawa would soon lose the first set because of Hinata and Kageyama’s minus tempo attack. Komaki admits that they wouldn’t be able to handle that as Karasuno isn’t able to handle Hyakuzawa, which reassures him to win the match. In the next rally, Komaki calls for Hyakuzawa as he sets, and they both cheer once they score. Karasuno then resorts to using their synchro attack, which makes Komaki slightly panic. However, Hyakuzawa assures that he’ll simply score double points back.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He is reliable at keeping the team together. Though he seems average as a setter, he is capable of giving his ace easy, high balls to spike. Komaki also shows some analytical thinking during the match against Karasuno.

Jumping Reach: 295 cm


  • Yūdai Hyakuzawa: Komaki appears to be the closest to Hyakuzawa. He often give support and advice to the first-year in order to help him perform at his best. In turn, Komaki has Hyakuzawa's respect as his upperclassman and team captain.
  • Kakugawa High: Komaki is an inspiring leader to the team and always tries to keep everyone optimistic and from letting their nerves overtake them.